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The start of a new adventure!
Where a young man eager for adventure will see just what the world has in store for him. From lost treasures to buxom women, guide him and reap the benefits.

Wayfared has you take the role of a young island born adventurer seeking to find someone dear who has been lost. While exploring the greater world you'll find all sorts of mischief to get into. Many sights and experiences to have, and more will come. Grab your backpack and see what this adventure has to offer.

It's a fantasy world with various races. So regardless if you just want human girls or something with a bit more spice it should scratch an itch. There are a few gay scenes for those interested but it's optional, so for those who aren't don't sweat it. I personally think its biggest selling point is how much custom art I've made for it. The aim to is add even more until it's something really worthwhile. It updates once a month. The main plot is still pretty early on, but the world building there is offers a lot to explore and enjoy. If any of these screenshots look up your alley, give it a spin.

If you enjoyed playing what's there and want to see more to come, check out the patreon. You can even get your own character in the game if you choose a higher tier. If that's not an option but you enjoyed the content and would like to see more, share the game around. The more eyes on it the more I can keep making it.
Also if you want to see what I'm currently up to gamedev wise or see previews, the discord is open to all.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Paint Tool SAI
Tags2D, dnd, Eroge, Exploration, Fantasy, Furry, Monsters, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few seconds


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Hey my game glitches on all save with the fort soak bunks to where the bottom 4 on the right side aren't interactive

anyone know how to bet the (Where what?) quset in Durmeer


in fort soak i cant seem to get the guard to move so i can open the gate, either im missing something or its glitching

Did you grab the key from the sleeping quarters? Once you have that he should move, the only reason it might bug out otherwise would be if you save and quit after speaking to him but before entering. rpgmaker doesnt do well with keeping certain toggles between loads.

yea i found out what happens, if you get the key talk to him and leave, when you come back he'll move back and wont move again.

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Hey there, at the place i found an "eyepatch of revealing" it say i need to enter a code. I wanna ask what code do i need to enter?

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It's a very minor thing, but f you enter the code Motherlode you'll be able to adjust the name of one specific character. That's the only code in as of yet.

And.. I am stuck. After getting off the ship, I am in the middle of the water. Stuck.

i cant get past the spider part because the shrooms dissapear and then i cant finish the quest

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Your game is really nice.

I really wating for future updates)

turn the windows to zip

n you turn the windows 10 one into zip so it works

love the dialogue and options for content, stories nice as well, big potential here lookin forward to more updates